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Best Roof Deicing Systems

What does it take to be one of the best roof deicing systems? While there are many different types of heating elements and cable, the best systems do not simply consist of top tier components. The best roof deicing systems consist of everything from quality components (heating element, activation device, controller) to professional system design, complete installation support services, and proper installation. (The installation is the single most important aspect behind an effective roof deicing system.) All of these are factors for those looking to install the best roof deicing system.

Installing a roof deicing system can be a great investment in your home, but how do you go about finding the best roof heating system for your house? What should you look for in a radiant heat provider?

Fortunately, roof and gutter heat trace systems are available in a variety of options and are easy to customize. Whether you are looking to heat your entire roof or just the gutters, roof edges, or valleys and problem areas, a competent radiant heating provider can recommend and design a deicing system to fit your needs. It is vital that you work with a provider that not only offers a wide selection of proven products, but also provides professional system design services with each roof heating system.

Heated roof edges. The most common damage to roofs and homes is caused by ice dams, which can be eliminated with the use of a roof heating system. Ice dams are formed when heat from the attic escapes and causes the underlying snow on the roof to melt and begin to trickle down the roof. Since the escaping heat does not reach the eaves, they remain cold. When the runoff reaches colder eaves, it slowly refreezes, causing an eventual buildup of ice and water along the roof eaves or valleys. Over time, more water reaches the dam where it pools up and refreezes. The water seeps into any small cracks and crevices of the roof and then expands as it freezes again, slowly degrading the roof.

As a result of the repeated freeze/thaw process, moisture can eventually seep through the roofing materials into the roof decking, and then inside the home. It can run down the insides of wall and damage interiors, and because it may not be discovered for quite some time, it can even result in mold growth. Radiant roof deicing systems are an excellent solution for preventing ice dams and facilitating runoff. A quality roof heating system can keep ice and snow from accumulating on roof eaves and valleys, and even be installed on entire roofs (though this application is seldom recommended).

Radiant heated roof and gutter heat trace systems can dramatically enhance the life span of your roof and protect it from damage caused by heavy snow and ice accumulation. Roof deicing systems can be designed and customized to accommodate just about any roof type and configuration. Both electric roof heat and hydronic roof heating systems are available. (Electric roof deicing systems are most commonly recommended.)

Heated roof valley and edge. A roof deicing system is valued according to its cost, performance and aesthetics. Based on your budget and needs, a reputable provider will maximize your investment by designing and providing the best roof heating system possible for your specific circumstances.

Older buildings are a visible testament to the damaging effects of roof ice and snow that can eventually destroy fronts, drainpipes, gutters, shingles, and other roofing. Roofs that have substandard support structures can be especially susceptibe to ice dams, which often enable water to seep into cracks and refreeze, damaging the roof's integrity.

As technology improves insulation value, there is less heat gain from inside of the building, causing an increased hazard of ice damage and damming on the roof. Once winter frost sets in, damage can be inevitable in some cases. Flat roofs on industrial buildings often give in to excessive weight loads generated by accumulations of ice and snow. This can be prevented by installing a quality heated roof and gutter deicing system to facilitate runoff and eliminate potential damage from snow and ice buildup.

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